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Millennials are the Future


You may have heard about “millennials” a lot recently, they seem to be rather famous but why exactly? Millennials, also known as Generation Y, is anyone born between 1980 and 2000. There are around 13.8 million people who make up this “millennial” population in the UK, only second behind the baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964). The age range is substantial with the oldest in around their mid-30’s and the youngest being just 16! They have grown up with technology and have been a major influence in its progression. Often mocked as being narcissistic and entitled, they are not all that popular with those from other generations.

Why are they so important?

Being a large part of the UK, they have had a major influence in changing the way things have worked for a long time before they arrived. For starters, they have pioneered the rapid growth of technology. Being the very first group to fully embrace and be moulded by it, they have managed to change the future. Millennials like everything to be on demand and like the flexibility to play by their own rules to do things when it suits them. They are more likely to be driven by success than money and want the opportunity to prove themselves as being capable.

So what does that mean for businesses?

Due to the nature of millennials, businesses have had to think of ways to cater to them. This new type of customer has the power and so it has meant that business has had to adapt to this fast growth and rapid changes in direction. Accountancy, for example, has moved away from the traditional qualities that were perfectly suited to business owners’ pre-millennial surge and moved towards real-time accountancy. Millennials were the first ones to embrace the cloud. It gives them the independence to access the information on their business whenever they want.

Here at Anglian Cloud, we are well positioned and poised for the evolving future.
So get in contact with us and experience the freedom that cloud accounting brings.

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Anglian Cloud Accounting Staff Stephen

Stephen Malkin

Manager - Cloud Accounting
03333 445775
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