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Dispelling Fears of The Cloud


The cloud is fast becoming the preferred method of, well, most things. From accountancy to computing to file sharing, it’s easy to set up, meaning you can be online in minutes. You can access the real-time data from anywhere as long as you have internet access, save money on resources and even back up the data “in the cloud.”

So why is it that many people still insist on keeping it old school?


The concerns that once something goes into the cloud and is a ‘free for all’ for anyone that can get their hands on it, has been overstated greatly.
Data encryption, strong firewalls and regular security tests ensure that your confidential information is safe from being accessed by hackers. It is a good question to ask but reputable suppliers have these issues covered.

Loss of Data

It’s not a nice feeling when you lose a file or report but what happens when all your cloud based information just disappears? That’s enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart! The data, however, is backed up in multiple locations so if anything were to go wrong at one location; the service provider will switch to another location.

Too much hassle

Worries that it takes a long time to set up a cloud system are unfounded – it needn’t take long at all, especially when you have agencies like us – Anglian Cloud – who can do all the hard work for you.

“The Cloud’s not really for me”

The cloud is seen as having a reputation that it only applies to for tech-savvy businesses, but it is for anyone and everyone. The systems are easy to use and can help business owners in any line of business. You don’t need to pass a technology exam to be able to use it!

Loss of Control

You might think that because you don’t own the software (or even hardware) when using cloud based systems that you won’t have control over it. In reality, the flexible pricing structures mean you have greater control over your resources and the power to switch providers if one doesn’t particularly appeal. Cloud-based systems allow for growth, can be deployed quickly and you can add and delete users easily.

Internet Downtime

In this day and age where page loading speeds determine whether we continue to use a site or not says a lot about our patience. So when the cloud decides to be unresponsive, we panic. Luckily, our cloud accounting partners are committed to ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible and always try their best to minimise any downtime.

Fearing the cloud can lead to missed opportunities as your competitors are possibly already adopting this method. If you have any more questions or concerns, speak to one of our advisors who will be more than happy to help!

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Anglian Cloud Accounting Staff Stephen

Stephen Malkin

Manager - Cloud Accounting
03333 445775
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